(commit to a regularly scheduled lesson time to receive scheduling priority)

$120 per month:  includes (4) weekly 30-min private lessons 
$200 per month:  includes (4) weekly 60-min private lessons

~Monthly tuition is adjusted according to the number of lessons projected.  
~Workbooks, sheet music downloads, mp3 downloads, and other such items are added to your account and charged on the following month’s tuition.

Can't commit to a weekly lesson? No problem!

After your INTRODUCTORY LESSON, contact us anytime to schedule single lessons whenever you can spare a minute, in-person or virtually. 

$30 for single 30-min private lesson 
for single 60-min private lessons


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Lesson Scheduling & Payment

Students committing to a weekly lesson time are given scheduling priority. All lessons are charged in advance. Payment for a single lesson is due at the time of scheduling to hold that lesson time. Monthly tuition is due by the 25th of the previous month to reserve lesson time.  

Missed Lessons

Missed Lesson Credit is available ONLY when 24-hour notice is given prior to a scheduled lesson. This allows for that time to be scheduled by other students.  If 24-hour notice is not given, the lesson is forfeited, no makeup lesson or refund will be credited. If the instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason, a lesson will be provided at a mutually agreed upon time, or credited. Monthly tuition is not pro-rated per lessons missed. If you know you won't be available for your scheduled lesson time, an alternate time may be arranged for the same week, OR you’ll receive a Missed Lesson Credit, with accumulation of no more than 1 credit, which expires within 30 days. Rather than miss a lesson, try a virtual lesson. Don’t feel like singing? A NO SINGING lesson can still be very productive.

Missed Lesson Credit can be used for any open lesson your instructor has available. Because our lesson schedule is mostly full, Missed Lesson Credits are not guaranteed.  It is up to the student to check with your instructor or the online calendar regularly for a lesson opportunity.  


The studio is closed for the following holidays:  Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Week, New Year's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day.  Monthly tuition will be adjusted accordingly. Please note, lessons are still held on minor holidays and school in-service days unless prior notice is given.

Inclement Weather

Decisions regarding closure for inclement weather are made independent of local school districts. Cancellation information will be texted and/or emailed to you. Announcements will also be posted on our website.  Although, virtual lessons are almost always possible.


Parents and friends are welcome to observe private lessons at any time. Although, it’s best for parents to only observe occasionally, so the instructor can engage your child and develop a one-on-one rapport.

Contact And Communication

Please feel free to contact your instructor or, Front Desk Support by phone, text or email.  


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