What To Expect At Voice Lessons
Every student is unique, but lessons usually go something like this:

VOCAL EXERCISES / BUILD YOUR VOICE!  During an INTRODUCTORY LESSON, your instructor will do a diagnostic assessment of your voice. From there, you’ll be given specific vocal exercises to improve your individual voice. Usually, about the first 10 minutes of every lesson is spent on exercises to condition and build your voice.

SING SONGS YOU ENJOY:  We want you to LOVE your voice lesson!  So, you’ll choose songs in the genre of your choice where your work on the vocal exercises and conditioning can be applied.  

LEARN ADVANCED & COMPLIMENTARY SKILLS:  Solfege, sight-singing, microphone technique, acting the song, recording studio & stage performance skills.  Also learn to accompany yourself on on an instrument or write a song!

SCHEDULING:  We set up a schedule to fit your needs.  Lessons are scheduled Monday - Saturday, am - pm.  If you'd like to give lessons with a us a try, come in for a $30 INTRODUCTORY LESSON with no obligation.